5 Reasons to Trim Tree Branches Away from the Walls of Your Home

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5 Reasons to Trim Tree Branches Away from the Walls of Your Home

28 January 2020
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Having a tree on your property is a good thing. Trees are nature's air purifiers, and thus having one near your home offers some protection against urban pollution. However, when your tree's branches grow long and large enough to brush against the walls of your home, you could soon be facing some problems.

If your tree's branches are in contact with the walls of your home, expect the following problems to occur in due time.

1. Risk of Fire

This is a cause for concern in Australia, in light of frequent and recent bushfires. Although it doesn't happen often, if lightning strikes your tree, those branches could spread any resulting fire to your home within minutes. Moreover, fires can start in many ways, especially in hot weather. The last thing you need is to give the fire a bridge to your home.

2. Insect Invasion

You could soon begin to see more insects in your home than usual. And some of those insect species are harmful to you and your family. Take, for instance, carpenter ants. If your tree's branches allow carpenter ants an opportunity to build a nest in your roof or wall, your home could soon have structural issues. This could be dangerous and costly.

3. Birds and Rodents

A more serious problem than insects is rodents and birds. Due to their size, birds and rodents can damage the siding of your home, especially if they find a spot already weakened by branches.

4. Scraping Branches

In bad weather, when your tree's branches are blowing wildly, they could do severe damage to the wall of your home. This damage would then leave your home at the mercy of the elements and pests.

5. Woody Debris and Termites

Perhaps one of the most serious concerns about branches touching your walls is termites. Since tree branches cast shade, they offer termites the darkness, moisture and food they need to thrive. If tree debris builds up along your home's foundation, creating a moist, rotting pile of woody material, termites will come. If those termites then find a means of entering your home via the foundation or a tree branch, they could do massive damage before you even realize they are there.

Are your tree's branches touching the walls of your home? Then consider hiring a tree care specialist to trim the offending branches before the above problems occur. Contact tree lopping services to learn more.