Why You Should Let a Specialist Company Handle Tree Removal

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Why You Should Let a Specialist Company Handle Tree Removal

23 March 2020
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Trees make life better in so many ways. They cool properties and neigbourhoods, absorb carbon dioxide and replace it with a clean supply of oxygen, help to fight air pollution by trapping airborne dirt particles and more. These benefits are essential to the health of people and the environment. With that in mind, cutting down trees is generally discouraged, even on private properties. 

While you're not legally required to hire a professional service to fell a tree on your domestic property, it is advisable to do so. Check out some of the benefits associated with professional tree removal service below.

A Tree Removal Specialist Can Help You Obtain a Tree Removal Permit

If you need to fell a tree on your domestic property, you may or may not need to obtain a tree removal permit before cutting down the tree. 

Some of the things that city and municipal councils across Australia review in determining if your tree removal job requires prior permission include the species, size and location of a tree. For example, you may require a permit to cut down a taller, native tree that is located too close to your house or adjacent structures.

A local tree removal company will know the specific requirements that need to be met before your municipal or city council can issue a permit for your tree removal. They'll guide you through the murky waters of applying for a tree removal permit so you can save time and undue avoid stress.

A Tree Removal Specialist Will Ensure Safe Removal of Your Tree

Felling a tree may seem like an easy job at first blush, but when you factor in the safety risks involved, it may be best to leave the job to someone that has the training, expertise, and experience needed to perform it safely. 

Aside from helping you obtain a tree removal permit, a tree removal expert will ensure your tree is felled safely. Cutting down a damaged or diseased tree is inherently dangerous because there is a risk that the tree could fall suddenly and in an unpredictable direction. 

Before cutting down a tree, the professionals will assess its condition and also check the surroundings to see if there are obstacles such as overhead electricity lines to be avoided. 

If you need to fell a tree on your domestic property, you should contact a tree removal specialist for help instead of handling the task yourself.