Two tips for those who'll be using stump grinding services

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Two tips for those who'll be using stump grinding services

15 August 2023
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Here are two tips for those who'll be using stump grinding services.

They should provide their contractor with as much information about the stump and its surroundings as possible

A tree service contractor will need quite a bit of information before they can remove a client's tree stump. As such, it's important for anyone who'll be using this service to be prepared for this so they can get this structure removed as quickly as possible. For example, the contractor might ask them what type of tree the stump belonged to. This is because hardwood trees like oak are denser and tougher than softwood trees like pine, and so may take longer (and possibly cost more) to grind down. Similarly, the contractor might need to know what condition the stump is in. If it's rotting and has become very soft because of this, it might take the contractor very little time to grind it down and they might be able to do this work for a lower-than-average fee.

This professional might also ask for a description of the area where the stump is located. If the client tells them that, for example, there are large trees situated very close to the stump or that the stump is located between other structures such as walls or fences, the contractor might decide to use a compact stump grinder that they can squeeze into this small work area. This could result in it taking a bit longer for them to finish grinding the stump than if they were able to use a larger model.

They should ask the contractor about any add-ons related to their stump grinding service

Anyone who needs a stump to be ground down should also talk to the tree service contractor about any add-ons that they offer alongside their stump grinding service. For example, for an additional fee, they might offer to remove and dispose of the debris created by the tree stump's removal. This add-on might be something a person should use if they don't have much space in the bins on their property for this debris.

Similarly, some contractors will also backfill the area in which they have ground up the tree stump. This is an extra service that a person might want if they're concerned about people tripping over or falling into the opening created by the grinding of the stump. Lastly, the tree contractor might also be able to plant a new tree in the stump's place after the grinding process is finished. A property owner might decide to use this add-on service if they only had the tree and its stump removed because it was decaying and would like to have a healthy new tree put in its place.

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