How to Be on the Lookout for Cyprus Canker and What to Do If You Find It

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How to Be on the Lookout for Cyprus Canker and What to Do If You Find It

14 January 2020
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If a back garden is to provide a true sanctuary for the homeowner and is to do its bit for ecology, it will need a broad cross-section of trees and shrubs. There are many different types of plants and trees that do particularly well in this type of environment, so there's a lot of choices available. Leyland cypress is one such example, but if you do introduce this type of tree to your yard, you will need to keep a close eye on the trees' development and make sure that you are careful when managing the area. What do you need to think about and what type of risk do you need to manage?

Cypress Trees

Leyland cypress is one of a dozen or more species that are tolerant to Australian conditions, and these trees look particularly resplendent as they mature. However, they're vulnerable to a specific disease known as cypress canker, and the landowner will need to do their best to ensure that they avoid an outbreak.

Canker Disease

Cypress canker can spread quite readily between trees, and it's thought that the spores of the fungi may enter through cuts in the bark. These cuts may be natural or could develop through age, or a careless gardener could inflict unwanted damage. It's essential to prune branches carefully and keep any large items of equipment (such as a lawnmower) away from the trunk.

Disease Spread

Once the fungi enter, they'll interfere with the tree's vasculature and can spread quite rapidly. You will notice rings around the bark or some cankers, and if you discover them, you will need to act quickly. Try to remove affected branches before the infection spreads too rapidly, and if it does spread through the trunk and up through the canopy, you may not be able to save the tree at all.

Drought Risk

Australia is suffering through an extended drought, and this does not help in this situation. The tree may not be able to respond as readily as it would due to a lack of moisture, and this can only exacerbate the problem.

Tree Removal

If you are unfortunate enough to discover an outbreak of cypress canker and cannot save a particular tree, then you will need to get it removed. Bring in experts to do this as soon as possible and never try to do it yourself. Above all, try to avoid a spread to other, nearby trees. Contact a tree service to learn more about your options for tree removal.