Should You Trim Your Trees In Summer?

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Should You Trim Your Trees In Summer?

15 January 2020
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One of the best ways to beautify your property and ensure that it gets adequate shade is to plant trees. Like other types of plants, trees require some care and maintenance to grow healthy and even produce fruits. Professional tree trimming is one of the tree maintenance tasks you should never overlook due to the benefits it offers.

Do you like tree trimming in winter? While winter months usually are the designated time for tree trimming, pruning in summer also offers a unique set of benefits. Read through this post to know some of the benefits you will enjoy once you hire experts to trim your trees in summer.

Get rid of dead limbs

Although everyone desires to have healthy trees, some occurrences can make it difficult for trees to thrive. This causes some limbs to die or get damaged completely. Summer pruning offers you the chance to remove any damaged, dead or diseased tree limbs. If you allow them to stay attached to the tree for longer, your tree will be subjected to unnecessary stress, and this will cause more tree limb damage over the next months. But, when you hire an expert to remove the troublesome limbs, the tree will be healthier, and its growth rate will increase significantly since essential nutrients aren't being wasted.

Enhance fruit production

Summer is the best time to hire an expert to prune fruit trees, especially if you'd like them to grow stronger. After trimming, the tree will receive more light so the new tree branches will become more robust. Such branches are cable of producing more fruits and supplying all the essential nutrients they require to mature and ripen naturally. However, if you opt to prune fruit trees in wet weather, the tree will be at risk of getting diseased. This is because the weather doesn't promote a quick healing process, making the trees vulnerable to diseases.

Keep off pests

Another benefit of summer pruning is pest control. If fruits and branches have pests like mites and aphids, the branches cannot grow to the fullest since the pests are feeding on the nutrients. By removing the affected fruits and branches, the overall health of the tree will improve significantly and so will its longevity. Moreover, the fruits will be delicious and healthy since they are pest-free.

Usually, the experts begin by inspecting the tree to identify the affected areas before pruning. Once the defective fruits or limbs are removed, they will be disposed of appropriately to prevent infestation. Speak with an arborist for more information.