Jobs In Your Yard You Should Leave To The Experts

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Jobs In Your Yard You Should Leave To The Experts

31 January 2020
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Every Australian likes to consider themselves a bit of an expert when it comes to their yard. Hundreds of thousands of Australians spend hours every week pouring over their lawn to ensure everything is just right, from the colour of the flowers to the eradication of pesky weeds. However, there are some jobs in your yard that even the best recreational green thumbs should leave to the experts. Often it is not worth the time, effort or pain that can come from doing it on your own, which is why you should never attempt the following on your own. 

Stump Removal

Tree stumps are some of the ugliest blots on any backyard, but they can be practically impossible for you to remove on your own. Stump removal requires specialised equipment and a good understanding of the particular tree's root system to ensure a speedy and safe procedure. On your own, stump removal can take days of work, if it's possible at all. With the right experts backing you u,p stump removal can take a few hours or even less. It is also worth noting that a professional stump removal also removes any chance for the root system to affect future gardening projects, while an amateur attempt might not. It really isn't worth it, call the cavalry and get the stump removed ASAP. 

Pest Control

An often underrated part of gardening is dealing with the many pests that you are bound to come into contact with while tending your yard in Australia. It can be tempting to deal with possums, snakes, foxes, rats and other animals on your own, but it is simply not worth the risk. Many of these creatures are quite venomous and, in the case of snakes and spiders, they can be fatal. Call in your local pest control or relevant authority to properly deal with these animals, for your sake and theirs. 

Tree Care

It is not easy to nurse a wounded tree back to health. Whether the damage is from a storm, vandalism or disease, sometimes trees get ill and need special attention. Many horticulturalists offer tree services that include the time of a 'tree doctor'. These tree doctors are experts in diagnosing problems and prescribing a relatively simple treatment plan. While it may seem easy on the surface, this knowledge has only come from years of experience and study. If you tried to save an injured tree on your own, you are just as liable to make it worse as to figure out what is actually wrong. Don't risk losing your tree; contact a company that offers tree services for assistance.