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Get Rid of Dead Trees

7 February 2020
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In this day and age of environmental conservation awareness, tree removal is often made to seem like a barbaric exercise. What most people do not realise is that, at certain times, tree removal does more good than harm to the environment.

A good example of such a time is when you have a dead tree in your backyard. It sure sounds awkward, but yes, trees do die. Here are a few reasons why leaving that dead tree standing in your backyard is not such a good idea.

Lack of Visual Appeal

A dead tree can take away a lot from the aesthetic appeal of the environment around it. Trees get their visual appeal from their ever-green colourfulness. Dead trees do not add colour to your surroundings, nor do they add character to landscaping.

Similarly, you and your guests will get drawn to trees around your property, depending on the quality of shade that the trees provide. This often happens subconsciously. In addition to not being visually appealing, dead trees do not provide good-quality shade due to their lack of leaves.

Home Sweet Home

Tree removal for dead trees is important because of  the fact that dead trees are a favourite hideout for many household pests and unwanted creatures. They are an especially favourite habitat for termites. This is because the tree not only acts as a shelter but as a source of food as well.

Rodents such as mice and squirrels are also known to have an affinity for dead trees. With this in mind, leaving a dead tree standing around your property might as well be an open invitation for pests to enter your home.

Dead Trees Block Sunlight

Think of what the presence of a dead tree does to the trees that grow around it. In a large number of cases, trees that die end up doing so long after they have attained full maturity. Thus, they are often taller and larger.

Their presence around healthy trees can prevent the sun's light from reaching the healthy trees that continue to grow around a dead tree. This can harm the health of trees that are continuing to grow.

Tree removal is not a cruel exercise if the tree is already dead. And it's not the kind of exercise you fancy doing without professional help. For professional assistance with tree felling or for advice about whether to have a tree removed, contact a tree services company in your area.