Why You Need a Qualified Tree Surgeon to Thin Your Tree's Canopy

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Why You Need a Qualified Tree Surgeon to Thin Your Tree's Canopy

12 February 2020
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Growing and maintaining trees in an urban environment is difficult when space is at a premium. Once trees mature, their canopies can become so large that they block views, sunlight and even Wi-Fi signals. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to thin a tree's canopy. Thinning a tree's canopy involves the removal of branches to open up more space within the canopy.

However, before you hire someone to thin your tree's canopy, take the time to find a tree expert who specializes in exactly what you need. Some tree experts have few qualifications, and they carry out general tree maintenance jobs, such as small tree removal.

For a tree-thinning job, hire either a tree surgeon or an arborist because these professionals are suitably qualified for what can often be a dangerous and sensitive task.

Thinning a Tree's Canopy Can Be a Dangerous Job

If you need to thin your tree's canopy, it is probably at least middle aged. This means that its height could prove to be a dangerous problem for someone lacking the necessary skills and equipment. Thinning a tree's canopy involves climbing the tree and then moving throughout the canopy, slowly and methodically removing branches. For the inexperienced, this job is risky.

Only a qualified and experienced professional, such as a tree surgeon or arborist, can thin a tree's canopy safely. Moreover, these professionals and their companies will also have the necessary insurance to cover any injuries that might occur while they work.

Thinning a Tree's Canopy Can Harm the Tree If Done Incorrectly

A tree surgeon is trained in the science of pruning and removing branches. However, because just about anyone can call themselves a tree trimmer or tree expert in Australia, ensure that you choose someone who is qualified, either as a tree surgeon or arborist. You cannot remove branches indiscriminately from a tree. To do so could kill the tree, leaving you with an expensive removal job.

A qualified individual knows that they can thin about 10-15 percent of the branches from a mature tree's canopy. Any more than this could harm the tree's ability to feed itself through photosynthesis. And if a tree struggles to take in enough food, just like any other living organism, it weakens and thus is more susceptible to disease and attack by pests.

When it comes to tree thinning, experience and qualifications should be the priority. This will ensure that you, the person you hire and your tree are safe during and after the thinning. Contact a company that offers tree surgery services to learn more.