Can I Move My Tree? Not So Fast, You Need A Tree Report

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Can I Move My Tree? Not So Fast, You Need A Tree Report

21 May 2020
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Australia has a diverse range of natural flora and fauna that is protected by local, state and federal laws. While it may seem simple that if something is on your property, you should be allowed to do with it as you wish; in reality, this is not the case. Many suburbs, cities and towns have specific rules governing when a tree can be cut down, if it can be moved and how those processes should occur. Confused? Then you might need an arborist to help you with your tree reports.

What Are Tree Reports?

Tree reports are a comprehensive outlook on your trees current status, the risks of moving it and how to settle it into its new home. This data is compiled by a qualified arborist who uses a variety of specialised tools to take samples, as well as their own expertise from living and working around trees for years. Tree reports give you the best chance of completing a successful transportation of your tree, and without it, you may encounter problems that could have been avoided. If the tree is very important to you then this is an obvious cost to take on.

Do I Need A Tree Report?

This is a question with widely different answers depending on where you live. If you live in one of the major cities across Australia and the tree is around structures, then the answer will almost always be a resounding yes. That is to ensure not just the trees safety but also those that live and work around it. When you start to get into more rural towns and villages, the answer becomes less clear. Generally, it is the council that has the final say on whether tree reports are necessary or not, but often without calling them up it is impossible to find out.

What If I Just Want To Chop A Tree Down?

If you have never attempted to get a tree cut down in one of the aforementioned large cities, you are in for a rude surprise. Most councils consider trees part of the appeal of their community and are reticent to allow them to be cut down, barring good reason. If a tree is damaged due to a storm or disease, then permission is obviously granted more freely. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for people who simply want a better view without a tree in the way to be knocked back. In those cases, transporting the tree somewhere else can be a healthy middle ground.

For more information on tree reports, contact a service.