How to Prepare Your Property for a Tree Removal Team

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How to Prepare Your Property for a Tree Removal Team

5 January 2021
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Removing a tree requires preparation and planning. That's why you need to ensure that you prepare your property in advance of your tree service's arrival. If a tree removal service is about to remove your tree, then be sure to prepare your property in the following ways before they arrive.

Clear your yard of obstacles

Your tree removal team needs to be able to work safely and comfortably in your yard as they remove your tree. That means you'll need to remove obstacles from your yard, such as:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Potted plants
  • Garden gnomes and other garden décor
  • Garden tools

And make sure you make the area as clean as possible.  

Clear away breakable objects and possessions

A tree removal job requires much more than just a chainsaw. The tree removal team may need to bring in heavy equipment, such as a crane or tree stump grinder, especially if your tree is on the large side. Anything that gets in the way, such as potted plants and ornaments, could easily break.

And if your tree is large, the team will need to cut it from the top in pieces. Anything under or around your tree could break if a falling branch strikes it.

Make sure pets and children are indoors

Before the tree removal team arrives, make sure you get your pets and children safely indoors. If your children want to watch the removal, let them do so from the safety of an upstairs window.

Clear your driveway

Clear your driveway before the team arrives so that they have somewhere nearby to park. And inform your neighbours too to ensure that they don't take up the parking space you leave open for the tree removal service. Your tree service will need to get as close to your home as possible since they'll be moving tree parts and equipment to and from their vehicle.

Provide clear access from the tree to their vehicle

If your tree is in the backyard, you'll need to provide the removal team with clear access in and out of your property. If the space is too narrow or confined, the job could take much longer. Try to make as much space available as you can so the team can get to and from their vehicle quickly and safely.

Are you about to hire a tree removal service for a tree in your yard? Then be sure to prepare your yard properly before the tree removal service arrives to begin work.