Find Out When a Professional May Have to Fell the Trees in Your Property

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Find Out When a Professional May Have to Fell the Trees in Your Property

9 February 2021
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Cutting down a tree is a complicated process that can have a lot of consequences. As a property owner with trees on your landscape, you need to think carefully about the removal process beforehand. However, do not wait too long before removing the undesirable tree or other trees to avoid unforeseen problems. When you postpone the removal process, the tree keeps growing bigger. It might end up being a danger to you and other members of the family.

The best way to deal with the tree problem is to ask a professional arborist to assess the condition and decide whether it's time for a tree felling service. Here are three instances where the arborist will recommend felling the tree. 

When the Tree Is Too Old

When a tree ages excessively, the root system begins to die. Dead roots reduce the number of nutrients that will reach the stem and the branches. A tree becomes very dangerous when it has started weakening at the roots. Note that sometimes, trees might age faster than the expected lifespan for their species. 

The old and weak trees often topple and even fall when a storm comes. They damage a lot of property in the process, and sometimes, they even cause injuries and fatalities. So if you have old and weak trees, it's advisable to consider professional tree felling. A tree removal expert will assess the condition of your trees to determine whether they are too old. If they are old enough for removal, they will remove them.

When Clearing the Land for Construction

Another instance where you might need to have trees removed is when clearing your land for the sake of construction. Tree felling will be hard if you already have structures such as driveways and retaining walls in place. In such an instance, it is better to call in a tree removal expert to fell the trees so the construction work can start. 

Tree felling professionals always have the right tools and the proper procedures to follow during the tree felling process. They also know how to guide the tree and steer it away from fragile features in the home.

When the Trees Are Causing Disputes

Another instance when you might need to remove the trees is when they start creating disputes between you and your neighbours. Arguments happen when the branches cross over, creating shaded areas on the neighbour's roof and yard. And since the branches might end up damaging the neighbour's roof, it's advisable to remove them in good time. With a professional to carry out the felling process, you will end disputes with your neighbours without creating wars over property damage.

You can also have trees removed when they start interfering with power lines and plumbing infrastructure. Just ensure you don't handle the felling process yourself — hire a tree felling contractor.