5 Reasons to Remove Trees Before Swimming Pool Construction, Not After

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5 Reasons to Remove Trees Before Swimming Pool Construction, Not After

17 March 2021
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Swimming pools and mature trees both provide many benefits for people that love spending time in their yard. But when put together, pools and trees don't always make a good pairing. This is why you might be considering removing one or more of your trees before or after your new pool's construction.

The best time to remove trees in this situation is before you build your swimming pool. By removing nearby trees before pool construction, you can avoid the following issues.

1. The Trees Will Be Larger in Future and More Expensive to Remove

If you wait until after your pool has been built, your tree or trees will be larger. And this means that a tree removal contractor may charge you more when removing your tree.

2. You Won't Have to Worry About Tree Root Invasion

Many species of trees have invasive roots that aggressively seek out nearby water sources, causing damage to water pipes and swimming pools as they do so. If you have had problems with a tree's root system in the past, remove the tree before you build the pool. This is especially important if the tree is close to the soon-to-be pool.

If in doubt, hire a tree specialist or arborist to assess your tree first.

3. You Can Remove Trees That Block the Sun in Winter

If you plan to swim in your pool during the colder winter months, then you can save on your energy bills by heating your pool with direct sunlight. But if your trees block that sunlight, then your pool will be cold and uninviting. Remove trees that might shade your pool during the winter months to save on your pool heating bills.

4. You Won't Have to Deal With Tree Litter

Tree litter is bad for swimming pool filters and pumps because it means they have to work harder to clean your pool. And tree litter can block pool filters too. If one or more of your nearby trees regularly drop litter and leaves on the ground near the area you plan to build your swimming pool, hire a tree removal contractor to remove them.  

5. There'll Be Fewer Pests Around Your Pool

Trees also attract pests like birds, rats, snakes, and insects like wasps and ants. Before you build your pool, remove trees that are close by. This will ensure that pests don't bother you while you swim in your pool.  

Are you planning to build a pool in a yard with trees nearby? Then consider removing those trees before you build your pool. Otherwise, you could be plagued by these common tree problems. Talk to a tree removal contractor for more information.