Why You Should Get Your Tree Removed Before Summer Arrives

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Why You Should Get Your Tree Removed Before Summer Arrives

18 November 2021
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Most people have a tree or two that they would like to remove from their garden. Everyone has their reason for wanting certain trees gone. However, often it is seen as too much of a task to do yourself and it's easy to put it off for months or years on end. Here is why you should use a professional tree removal service right away instead of procrastinating on this task. 

1. Avoid Fire Risk

Bushfires should never be taken lightly, even if you live in one of the more populous cities. Large, overhanging trees that have exceptionally dry leaves and exterior layers are like kindling for new fires, even if they are still alive. If you have a tree with more oily leaves, like the many eucalyptuses, then you are even more in danger. For those who have put up with the numerous bushfires over the last ten years and are sick to death of it, then give yourself a little breathing room by hiring a tree removal company to make your home safer.

2. Get Ahead of the Backlog

Most of the time you will need council permission to have a tree removed in more urban areas, and during summer, when a lot of people have time off, this approval process can take a long time. If you want to avoid the backlog then do it now, before the summertime rush hits people who are otherwise occupied during the year. Most tree removal companies will be happy to help with this paperwork, especially if you are new to it or unaware of what to write down. You can improve your chances of success by delegating the paperwork aspect.

3. Avoid Blackouts

Most Australian's electricity is connected to the house above the ground, which means that when summer comes, and dry branches and dead twigs blow off your nearby tree, they can damage the electrical connection. If you are tired of all the extra bills you have had to pay to fix up your electricity and hate being left without power for cooling in the blazing hot sun, then you know it is time to act now before summer arrives. You should never need to worry about the items in your fridge going bad or sweltering through midday heat without air conditioning. 

For more information about the process or your options, contact companies like True Blue Tree and Stump Removal.