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Ensuring The Longevity Of Your Trees

There are so many benefits to having trees around the home, but without proper care, tree debris becomes a flying projectile during storm season. If you do not know how to spot potential trouble in your trees, then you don't recognise when it is time to call on the help of a tree service. So, within these blog posts, you will find information written to help you keep your trees healthy and strong for a very long time. Learn how to spot the signs of tree disease and discover how pruning specific tree branches can make your tree stronger. Don't let a bad storm be the end of your majestic trees when tree education ensures they will live for decades.


Get Rid of Dead Trees

7 February 2020
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In this day and age of environmental conservation awareness, tree removal is often made to seem like a barbaric exercise. What most people do not realise is that, at certain times, tree removal does more good than harm to the environment. A good example of such a time is when you have a dead tree in your backyard. It sure sounds awkward, but yes, trees do die. Here are a few reasons why leaving that dead tree standing in your backyard is not such a good idea. Read More …

Jobs In Your Yard You Should Leave To The Experts

31 January 2020
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Every Australian likes to consider themselves a bit of an expert when it comes to their yard. Hundreds of thousands of Australians spend hours every week pouring over their lawn to ensure everything is just right, from the colour of the flowers to the eradication of pesky weeds. However, there are some jobs in your yard that even the best recreational green thumbs should leave to the experts. Often it is not worth the time, effort or pain that can come from doing it on your own, which is why you should never attempt the following on your own. Read More …

5 Reasons to Trim Tree Branches Away from the Walls of Your Home

28 January 2020
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Having a tree on your property is a good thing. Trees are nature's air purifiers, and thus having one near your home offers some protection against urban pollution. However, when your tree's branches grow long and large enough to brush against the walls of your home, you could soon be facing some problems. If your tree's branches are in contact with the walls of your home, expect the following problems to occur in due time. Read More …

4 Trees You Can Plant To Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

21 January 2020
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No matter why you want to attract more wildlife to your garden, planting a few trees around your property can significantly increase the number of birds, insects and bees in your neighbourhood. Some types of tree are more attractive to wildlife than others, so here's an overview of four trees you can plant to attract wildlife to your garden: Acacia Acacia trees have striking pinnate leaves that grow densely on wide-reaching branches. Read More …

When Tree Roots Want to Join You in Your Swimming Pool

16 January 2020
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The trees around your swimming pool can be a mixed blessing. They provide shade, allowing you to swim on the hottest, sunniest days of the year without sweltering the moment your head emerges from the water. On the flipside, that shade comes with a cost, since the trees have an unfortunate habit of thoughtlessly dumping leaves and twigs into the water, which you then need to scoop up. But still, it's not as though the tree can actually damage the pool, is it? Read More …